MBA in Presidency University

Direct MBA Admission in presidency university

MBA Admission in Presidency University

MBA program at Presidency College, Bangalore! The design and delivery mechanisms of the program are aimed at providing you with all the three: the knowledge, the skills and the attitude required for an effective managerial career. What you get out of the programme depends on the regularity and quality of effort you put into it.

Presidency B-School is affiliated to Bangalore University and approved by AICTE, New Delhi was established in the year 2002. The Management education at Presidency B-School is a professional experience that prepares the students for the future. At Presidency, industry interface is a year-round activity with projects, industrial visits and training.


In addition, Knowledge series by eminent industry personalities keep students well abreast of latest developments in the corporate world. The Presidency Business School of Presidency College is all set to take the challenges of the new business environment head on and to emerge as an institution of high standing. Presidency B-School is listed in top 100 ranking.


Presidency B-Schools has been tied up with top Universities such as University of Bedfordshire of UK, La Trobe University of Australia, New College of Manchester of UK.


The entire course is outcome based and faculty are sensitive to ensure that the outcomes for each course is defined well at the beginning of the programme and shared with each student through course hand outs. This ensures expectation setting is taken care of between the learner and the teacher. Interactive lectures, pedagogy that is evolving, assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of the faculty at Presidency thus is more of a mentor, facilitator and learning is outcome based.

The vision of the Department
To be a leading business school sought after by the industry for recruitment of managerial manpower & inculcate a sense of social responsibility.

The mission of the Department
• To provide an education that equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to execute managerial responsibilities.
• To instill a sense of ethics and social values in students.
• To enable students to develop an appropriate internal locus of control and a sense of corporate citizenship.

1. Continuously learn and Exhibit creativity, innovation and management skills.
2. Enhance Analytical Skills and improve Decision-Making skills for the organization.
3. Enhance Competency in Leadership roles as per the demands of the Business and Organization.
4. Instill Social values and ethical values in the organization they are associated with.